Mixed Media Art

Ghosts in the Machine Series

Ghosts in the Machine is a new series of mixed-media artwork that explores our unhealthy obsession with smartphones and personal technology. Technology is a cornerstone of human accomplishment that has exponentially expanded our understanding of the world, but it also shapes our lives in corrosive ways. Are smartphones making us smarter or more isolated within our own worlds? We are mesmerized by small, shining screens like Narcissus staring transfixed at his own reflection. No one wants to live in the moment or share a chance encounter with a stranger. We can’t stand a 20-second elevator ride or a walk in a park without grasping for our phones like a drug addict seeking his next fix.

For people living in the late 19th century, tintype photos represented cutting-edge technology that must have seemed just as remarkable as smartphones. Frozen images were etched onto metal with bottles of chemicals in a seeming mix of science and magic. Tintypes are now a relic of the past, leaving haunting images of children and adults who have passed on. I create alien worlds for these ghosts and juxtapose them with recycled cell phones and circuit boards to illustrate how our humanity can be trapped by our unthinking consumption of technology. We become ghosts of our selves, distant and distracted, just waiting in limbo for the next text or tweet.


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